“Arturo Toscanini”
international conducting competition

11th Edition – 2020


Due to the prosecution of the international health emergency, La Toscanini announces the decision of postponing the Arturo Toscanini International Conducting Competition’s 11th Edition (which was scheduled from June 6th to June 21st 2020) to a later date.

We are currently planning the new schedule which will be announced as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

The Arturo Toscanini Foundation is organising, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, the 11th edition of “Arturo Toscanini International Conducting Competition”, reserving it for the first time for young orchestra conductors for the Italian opera.
The competition will be held in four rounds: workshop, qualifying round, semi-final and final.

     2.1. Age of the Participants
The participation in the 11th edition of the Competition is reserved for conductors of all nationalities whose age is between 18 and 37 years (born from 1st January 1983 included). (Updated to 27th January 2020)
     2.2. Registration Fee
The registration fee is 100.00 Euros (net). The payment can be made exclusively via one of the following methods:
Bank Transfer
IBAN: IT 62 P 05034 12808 000000025500 BIC/SWIFT: BAPPIT21510
made payable to: Fondazione Arturo Toscanini
PayPal via the email
CAUSE: “Concorso Toscanini 2020, NAME, SURNAME, TAX ID No. OF CANDIDATE (only for Italian citizens).”
The registration fee must be paid no later than 27th February 2020.
Bank transfer charges are not accepted, under penalty of the cancellation of the accepted registration. The fee will not be reimbursable, with the exception provided in point 7 of the following Notice.
     2.3. Registration Conditions and Required Documentation
To apply for admission to the Competition, each competitor will have to send to the Toscanini Foundation the following materials:
Attachment A: registration form downloadable from the website,
Attachment B: photocopy of ID or valid passport;
Attachment C: photocopy of tax identification number (only for Italian citizens);
Attachment D: two recent photographs in colour, in high resolution digital format;
Attachment E: CV or biographical note that specifies the course of study and the teachers with whom it has been accomplished;
Attachment F: video lasting at least 30 minutes that shows the competitor conducting an orchestra or an ensemble of no less than 10 players. Updated to 18th December 2019: after the several requests for clarification about point 2.3 of the present call for applications, we would like to point out that the 30′ duration of attachment F can be the result of two or more videos, and not necessarily one single shoot of one performance. Furthermore, so as not to penalise those who may not be in possession of a 30′ video documentation, particularly young conductors, we have decided, for the first selection, to accept shorter videos, as long as they are suitable to evaluate the technical and conducting skills of the candidates. A special technical commission will examine all applicants and select, by the 6th March 2020, the 12 candidates to be admitted to the workshop and following steps. The quality of the video must be clear, and preferably showing a front take.
Attachment G: receipt of payment of the registration fee (indicate identity number of bank transfer);
Attachment H: documentation showing artistic activity, if carried out; (optional)
Attachment I: any letters of recommendation from teachers or music professionals;
Candidates without, even partially, the requested documentation, will not be considered.
     2.4 How to Send the Documentation
All Attachments can be sent via one of the following ways:
Website: upload on the relevant section of the Competition website starting from 7th October 2019. After sending, the candidate will receive an email that will confirm the correct uploading of the materials;
Email: send via the certified email address:
The sending of the documentation (see point 2.3) must be done no later than 48 hours after the payment of the registration fee.
The sent materials will not be returned.
     2.5. The Closing Date for Submitting
The application must be received, in accordance with the conditions listed above and fully completed, without fail no later than 27th February 2020.
For sending via the website, please consider the date indicated in the confirmation email concerning the uploading of documents (see point 2.4).

The Competition will be divided into the following rounds:
     3.1. Preliminary Selection via Video
All the competitors will have to upload on the website a demonstration video lasting 30 minutes in which they give proof of their conducting skills. A special technical commission will examine all of the applications and will identify, by 6th March 2020, the 12 candidates admitted to the preparatory training workshop and to the subsequent phases of the competition. The video must be filmed with a clear and preferably frontal shot and must be used to assess the technical and conducting characteristics of the candidate.
     3.2. Workshop: from 25th April to 6th May 2020
The 12 selected candidates, invited exclusively via email by 6th March 2020, will be summoned to Toscanini Foundation (Parma) on the day 25th April 2020. From the 26th April to the 6th May they will take part in the preparatory workshop dedicated to the repertoire of Italian opera. The 12 candidates will be divided into two groups, with 6 candidates in each, entrusted to a team of teachers/coaches for the following disciplines: score analysis, rehearsal and conducting, study of piano score and vocal coaching, the conductor-stage relationship and the conductor-singer relationship. Other teachers will hold group classes for the following disciplines: the culture of melodrama, choral conducting, opera conducting and repertoire, performance practice and Italian language for foreign candidates.
The aim of the preparatory workshop is that of providing the 12 candidates with adequate analytical tools and skills useful in the different phases of the competition, as well as conveying to them a significant cultural background specific to the Italian opera. The list of teachers and their respective disciplines of teaching will be available on the Competition website. The attendance of all the courses provided in the workshop is completely free and strictly and compulsory. At the end of the workshop period the qualifying round will take place, as described below.
     3.3. Qualifying Round: 8th, 9th and 10th May 2020
The qualifying round, which will be held from the 8th to the 10th May 2020, at the Toscanini Foundation, will engage the 12 candidates in:
• rehearsal and conducting (on the piano and with singers and choir) of a vocal quartet and a Verdi opera chorus;
• rehearsal and conducting (with orchestra and singers) of the first movement of a symphony and of an opera concertato (concerted piece) of the Italian repertoire;
• aptitude interview;
(For the detailed programme see point 7.1 of the Regulation)
At the end of the round a special commission will identify the 6 candidates that have been admitted to the semi-final, as described below.
     3.4.Semi-Final: 2nd and 3rd June 2020
The semi-final, which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd June 2020, at the Toscanini Foundation, will engage the 6 candidates in:
• rehearsal (with piano and singers) of a Rossini sextet;
• conducting (with piano and singers) of a Mozart recitative;
• rehearsal and conducting (with orchestra and singers) of a symphony and of an opera duet from the Italian repertoire;
(For the detailed programme see point 8.1 of the Regulation).
At the end of this round the international jury will identify the 3 candidates that have been admitted to the final, as described below.
     3.5. Final: 6th June 2020
The final, in form of public concert, will be held on the 6th June 2020 at the Teatro Regio in Parma. The 3 final candidates will conduct a Rossini duet and a complete Act from a Verdi Opera.
(For the detailed programme see point 9.4 of the Regulation).
At the end of the concert the international jury will draw up the final ranking list and announce the winner of the 2020 edition of the Competition, with the subsequent awarding of prizes (for the amount of the prizes see point 5).

The Competition includes a regular commission (for the qualifying round), an international jury (for the semi-final and final) and a special commission (for the awarding of prizes in form of job appointments).
     4.1.Commission for the qualifying round
The commission for the qualifying round will be presided over by the Superintendent of the Toscanini Foundation and will be made up of prestigious names in orchestra conducting, high ranked professionals and internationally renowned Artistic Directors.
     4.2. International Jury for the semi-final and final and Special Commission
The international jury for the semi-final and final will be presided over by an international great Maestro and will include Superintendents and Artistic Directors of seven international theatres historically linked to the name of Arturo Toscanini. The Superintendent of the Toscanini Foundation will also be part of the jury. The international jury will be joined by a special commission, com- posed by Artistic Directors of Italian lyric-symphonic Foundations, Theatres and Italian Festivals, that will award additional prizes in form of job appointments.
     4.3. Additional Jurors
The Foundation may at any time call one or more additional jurors to be part of the commissions and the international jury itself, for the sole purpose of reaching the numerical quota set out in points 4.1 and 4.2, if one or more full members cannot be present due to impediments of force majeure. The choices of the jury are unquestionable and ultimate.
     4.4. Duties of the President
The President, in both cases, will be the guarantor of the operating procedures established and approved by the selected jury, and will comply with any other act provided by the Regulation.
     4.5. Duties of the Commissions and the Jury
The commissions and the jury will express, in total autonomy, the assessments under their jurisdiction and will establish their own rules of operation in accordance with the conditions and terms set out in this Notice and Regulation.
4.6. Affinity or Kinship between Jurors and Competitors
Persons who have affinity relationships or ties of kinship with one or more jurors, members or adjuncts, cannot participate in the Competition, under penalty of invalidation of the outcome. A detailed statement concerning this will be attested by each of the jurors, which will be included in the minutes of the Competition.

The Competition will award the following prizes:
First Prize “Premio Arturo Toscanini 2020” – 15,000.00 Euros and an appointment for future concert Seasons of the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini;
Second Prize – 7,500.00 Euros;
Third Prize – 5,000.00 Euros (provided by CePIM S.p.A – Interporto di Parma)
     5.1. Special Prizes
Prizes in form of job appointments – The special commission, composed by Artistic Directors of the lyric-symphonic Foundations, Theatres and Italian Festivals will award prizes in terms of job appointments for the 3 finalists;
Special Audience Prize – 2,000.00 Euros;
Special Prize “Emanuela Castelbarco Toscanini” for the best performance of the Belcanto scene – 1,000.00 Euros (provided by the private Association
     5.2. More about Prizes
The special prizes can be combined with other prizes. All of the prizes are indivisible and paid out gross of legal withholdings.
The international jury reserves the right to not award the first prize if the necessary requirements are not found in the candidates.

The Toscanini Foundation reserves for itself the right to record in audio/video and to broadcast all the rehearsals, eliminatory and final round of the workshop and the Competition. Copyrights and property of the recorded materials are automatically transferred to the Toscanini Foundation, by signing the present Announcement.

If for reasons of force majeure the Competition cannot take place, all applications will be cancelled by an irrevocable decision of the Toscanini Foundation. Only in this case, the Foundation will reimburse (excluding bank costs). The Foundation reserves the right to extend, modify, revoke or amend this announcement and to reopen the terms. The Foundation is not obligations towards candidates, even if previously selected, regarding the failure to call or carry out the Competition.

This Notice and the relevant Regulation are published in two languages (Italian and English). Only the Italian text has legal validity.

The Court of Parma will be exclusively competent for any kind of disputes relating to the interpretation and to the operation of a procurement notice. The only valide law of the present announcement is the Italian one.

In accordance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 and the EU Regulation no. 2016/679 concerning the protection of individuals, with regard to the processing of personal data, the personal data provided by the candidates will be collected by the Arturo Toscanini Foundation and will be used for purposes related to the management of the Competition. The processing of the data in question may be undertaken by using electronic means or automated systems used to store, manage and link this data together. The personal data in question will be stored and checked so as to minimise, through the adoption of appropriate and preventative security measures, the risk of loss, destruction, unauthorised access or processing not allowed or not in accordance with the purposes of the collection.
The provision of data is obligatory for the purpose of assessing the requirements for participation, under penalty of the candidate’s exclusion from the competition. The data may only be communicated to the personnel of the Arturo Toscanini Foundation and to the constituent members of the selection commission. Each candidate will be able to assert their rights as expressed by articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Legislative Decree 30th June 2003 no. 196, by applying to the data controller. The Data Controller is The Arturo Toscanini Foundation located in Parma, Viale Barilla 27/A 43121 Parma, Cod. Fisc. 92059760345-P.IVA 01875310342.

The Superintendent
Alberto Triola



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